Silver medal for FRACTALS!

We are happy to inform you about the fact that FRACTALS won the silver medal in the Best Living Lab Project 2016 Award​.

Competing with 22 Living Lab projects, our project FRACTALS won the silver medal in the Best Living Lab Project 2016 Award, organized by the European Network of Living Labs.

BioSense Institute established PA4ALL – the Living Lab in Precision Agriculture, in 2013, as the first living lab in Serbia and the first one in Europe focusing on precision agriculture. PA4ALL offers possibilities to test various ICT solutions for agriculture in real conditions. 

Through the FRACTALS project, funded by the European Commission, FRACTALS partners have enabled the investments of 5.52 million € for the development of FIWARE applications in agriculture for 43 SMEs and medium-sized ICT companies from across the Europe, of which 13 were from Serbia.

BioSense Institute and VOICT efforts to actively connect ICT companies and web entrepreneurs with agricultural sector were recognized at the European level through this important award, which will be presented at Open Living Lab Days in Krakow, on 29 Aug – 1 Sept.

Apply for one of the largest agrifood fairs in Europe!

FRACTALS, as one of the FIWARE accelerators, invites you to attend the largest agricultural fairs in the South-East Europe, International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. The fair will be held from 14th to 20th of May 2016 at Novi Sad Fair, Serbia. It is among five most important agricultural fairs in Europe.

Apply for one of the largest agrifood fairs in Europe!

FRACTALS, as one of the FIWARE accelerators, invites you to attend the largest agricultural fairs in the South-East Europe, International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. The fair will be held from 14th to 20th of May 2016 at Novi Sad Fair, Serbia. It is among five most important agricultural fairs in Europe.

Smart Urban Farming Challenge Winners

Micro Climate Sensors for Cost Savings in Urban Farms

Country:  (Turkey)

The idea: Urban  farming  is  set  of  activities  which  will  eventually be concentrated within the  city  and  mainly  on  or inside the buildings. One of the most important parameter in food production is weather conditions, which has  direct  influence on  growth  and  health of  the  plant  as  well  as  the  yield. Weather conditions in cities show high variety in small distances because of heat sinks, concrete bodies, wind tunnels, shadings etc. Therefore it is necessary to monitor the weather conditions at farming sites in the cities to make the best decisions regarding the agricultural practices. 

Our platform is interpolating meteorological data for the coordinate of interest. The platform generates recommendations regarding irrigation, fertilization and spraying timing by utilizing the hyper local weather data. On the other hand, our air and soil sensor, which aggregates the data in the cloud system, supports the platform by monitoring the air and soil conditions in relevant farming sites. The sensor and the platform will be used in the urban farms to make the decisions rationally. For example, in the greenhouses, climatization cost is the primary expense. The regime of heating can be fine tuned by monitoring  the  meteorological  conditions  in  and  around  the  greenhouses  while taking  into  account the weather  forecast data.  If  the  approaching  cold  weather  can  be  realized  in  advance,  the  heating can be initiated earlier. On the other hand, if the temperature would rise, the heating can be stopped just on time, which will eventually reduce the heating costs.  The  decision  making  platform  and the  integrated  sensors  provide  the  appropriate  infrastructure to  design  the  aforementioned  innovative technology.

Siibii - the urban beekeepers network

Country: Germany

The idea: Urban beekeepers should be a productive cooperative, sharing knowledge and resources, with a platform to market the locally produced honey. Siibii is the app for them. Siibii users connect to other urban beekeepers, forming a cooperative that supports each other by sharing knowledge, experience and machinery. Honey harvesting festivals can be organized as well as the joint purchase of a honey extractor or bulk buy of jars.  They register their hives and create a user profile for themselves. They have access to an online marketplace where they can offer honey to the public, benefiting from a delighting user front end, branding, a rating system and a sophisticated backend. Kits (= sensors + software) to outfit urban apiaries with an array of low-cost sensors to monitor the health and behavior of bee colonies aid with fair and comfortable beekeeping. The smart interpretation and vivid visualization of sensor data by Siibii supports the beekeepers with ecologically sound cultivation and harvest of honey, minimizing the need for disturbing openings of the hive. The app's functions include an alarm when the colony is about to swarm or is in danger of malnutrition before winter. Tutorials cover topics from breeding a new queen to disease control.

Farmer Neighbour App

Country: Serbia

The idea: Farmer Neighbour App is a mobile application that provides an online promotion spot for urban farming products, especially for fruits and vegetables, which is monitored with IoT sensors. The  intended  users  of  this  application are  urban  farmers  and  buyers of  their  products. Urban farmers need to set their profile, attach the location of their farm, tag their products and provide information about available quantities and delivery methods. If they use IoT sensors they will be able to connect them to the application. In this way farmers can boost the transparency of their growing and processing methods on the market. Moreover, farmers can get advice on how to take the next proper action in plant growing from the application expert system, on the basis of provided measurements. Buyers will be able to choose products offered by farmers nearby, and that by considering their sensor data history, freshness of products, healthiness, availability, location, and by considering the farmer’s rating. When a buyer is ready to make a purchase, he/she sends a notification to the farmer, and after-wards pursue plausible delivery method.

obergudt - a Market Network for Local Food

Country: Germany

The idea: We are building an infrastructure for the marketing of locally produced food, including the customers. The goal is to leave out all forms of wholesale and intermediary trade. The implementation takes place by means of a system of decentralized pick-up stations, which are operated by producers inside the city like Urban Farmers. The operators of the pick-up stations will receive a percentage of sales and increase their awareness and the sales of their own business.

The pick-up locations can be found via a FIWARE-based online platform. The completion of the order, warehousing, delivery information supporting the logistics of the producers, maintenance of the producer profiles and product information and product availability are also managed online.

Find more information here:

Fresh Food Farm

Country: Greece

The idea: Our idea is based on the belief that both urban farmers and citizens benefit from finding and doing business with each other directly. Our goal is two ­fold (a) support urban farmers in their attempt to build a profitable business that allows a lifestyle change and (b) help citizens acquire fresh, high quality products (e.g. organic vegetables, livestock etc.) without introducing time ­ consuming processes (e.g., driving long distances). We propose an innovative online urban marketplace that connects urban farmers and buyers. Our mission is to directly connect citizens (e.g. households, restaurants, supermarkets, local authorities) with local urban farmers. We wish to increase freshness, quality and accessibility for consumers and improve the profit margins for urban farmers. Promoting the link between urban farmers and city residents will also help ensure the food security of cities by supporting the viability of urban farming. Via our platform buyers can discover new products grown in their area, evaluate the products of the local farmers, and eliminate the effort for secure money transfer. 


Country: Italy

The idea: The  project idea  is  to  create an  app  as virtual  marketplace which  brings  together  local  urban  farmers (produce sellers) and citizens (consumers)living in a city. This FIWARE-based app will be a platform to facilitate the harmonization of supply and demand of vegetables and fruits produced by urban farmers. It will  help  urban  farmers  to  efficiently  place  their  products  into  neighboring  markets,  fostering  the zero food miles and local economy. The app will provide an innovative and smart channel for a direct communication  between  producers and  consumers, satisfying the increasing  demand  for  fresh  vegetables  and fruits, producing the optimal quantity of urban farming products, preventing and drastically reducing food spoilage  and  waste, drastically cutting transport  costs while  minimizing  CO2 emissions. The objectives pursued are: a) to create a close-knit community of producers and consumers of urban farming products across the EU; b) to increase the efficiency of urban farming management intervening in the plant planning (type of vegetable/fruit, time, quantity, according to the real needs expressed in advance by consumers trough the app); c) to support and incentivize the urban farming business activity throughout EU.


Country: Macedonia

The idea: The project idea is about providing cloud services for urban farmers. It is based on usage of battery powered WSN IoT devices (temperature, humidity and light intensity sensors) that subscribers of the service will purchase from the provider of the cloud service, or other vendors that offer FIWARE compatible IoT devices with similar features. The sensors are standalone devices capable to function in any weather conditions. They could be easily placed in any ground bed used for growing various agriculture products. The cloud service is based on software solution with several modules: 

1. Data accusation, receives and stores the data from WSN IoT sensors for each account separately
2. Monitoring and alerting, monitors data from the sensors, generates various information/alerts on the screen and send Email/SMS messages to subscriber
3. Planning agricultural activities with activity Calendar/Diary, based on historical data from the sensors and Knowledgebase
4. Business Intelligence, includes tools for data analyses (reports, comparison tables and charts)
5. Knowledgebase based on articles and guides how to grow various cultures
6. Website with Blog, portal and discussion platform to share information and experience among the website visitors
7. Mobile devices supporting module

BioStream™ - Precision Agriculture for All

Country: Bulgaria

The idea: BioStream™ is a modular precision agriculture platform enabling high degree of automation and virtualization of urban farming, and highly efficient usage of resources: cultivated land, labor, water, fertilizers, plant protectors, and electricity. It ideally suits the needs of small to medium vegetable/ house gardens, greenhouses, herbs and exotic plants growing, plant pot and container decoration at homes and business centers, winter gardens, flower shops, etc. The unique value proposition includes ability for fully autonomous monitoring and optimal care for each plant/spot on individual level using low-cost components, and massively self-learning, evolutionary data-driven intelligent service implemented on top of FIWARE cloud. The key idea of the project is to fuse in coherent whole elements of practical gardening, experimental science, participatory learning from experience, trading, social communication and sharing. The ultimate goal is to build an Open (open knowledge/ open software/ open hardware/ open bioware™) eco system and platform for sharing/ exchanging/ trading knowledge, individual plants and agricultural products to-gether with their full history of growth and care, hardware and software modules and components, and the bioware™ – programmed recipes for successful plant growing in different conditions and contexts.

Vegs in touch

Country: Italy

The idea: Urban farmers take advantage from being notified when water provisioning is required and from the collaboration on daily tasks. We offer urban farmers an application that:

• monitors their garden through low cost weather stations−notifies water provisioning is required
• reduces water wasting
• Supports coordination between farmers sharing the same garden.
Water needs are computed applying FAO irrigation models based on data collected by the weather stations and weather forecast. Urban farmers keep in touch using our social app. Revenues are expected from an annual fee and a start-up charge, covering the installation of the weather stations.

Apis Technology - Turn every beehive into a Smart one

Country: Portugal

The idea: Apis Technology is a smart solution designed to improve bees and beekeepers’ lives, and it is the ultimate tool for professionals and hobbyists that want to produce honey in the city and has no way to make weekly inspections, and for beekeepers that rent their beehives to pollinate in the city. Our Hive Monitoring System is a modular product that allows the beekeeper to turn every beehive into a smart one, and scale it to all beehives. It was designed to improve the way beekeepers manage their apiaries, the comfort and safety of the bees, save money on logistics and to provide feasible data to their private devices concerning productivity metrics like honey production or foraging.

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