PA4ALL Living Lab; an inspiring story of ENoLL's network potential


PA4ALL emerged as a result of the long-term, continuous cooperation between BioSense Center (Host Organization), which is a multidisciplinary group of scientists (ICT, Agriculture, Environmental Engineering, Ecology etc) and the local stakeholders of the Vojvodina region, namely:

  • Innovative ICT SMEs
  • End users, farmers and agricultural enterprises
  • The regional government of Vojvodina

The unique characteristics of PA4ALL arise from a combination between its technological focus and its location. Our core focus is Precision Agriculture. We focus on this field because the region of Vojvodina, where PA4ALL is established, demonstrates a particularly strong agricultural sector. Accordingly, the local socio-economic system is based on provision of relative services to end-users (farmers). Therefore the region is an ideal test bed for applying the LL approach, since a lively "community", namely a dynamic value-chain of stakeholders (inc. farmers, industry, government and civil society stakeholders) that can be involved in the participatory innovation approach already exists in the region.

Further to this, PA4ALL has another unique characteristic, related with the ability of the local human force (researchers/ technology developers) to produce "Value for Money" innovation. Since the Province of Vojvodina is already well-recognized European location for ICT outsourcing, offloading application maintenance and product development, with clients assured that the top quality ICT staff will provide mission-critical solutions at remarkably lower costs, all in the same time zone and within an hour or two of flight from major European cities, we believe that the PA4ALL stakeholders will be able to attract European customers for their products and services.

BioSense Center is owner and hosting organization of PA4ALL, while major local stakeholders are also members of the Living Lab, in such a way that all links of the value chain of stakeholders is represented. Namely, members of PA4ALL are:


Vojvodina ICT Cluster (VOICT) gathers and represents private companies from the ICT sector of the region with the total workforce of 1,500 experienced IT professionals. End users (farmers) are represented by the largest and most prone to technology investments privately held farm and agricultural company.

delta Delta Agrar d.o.o. has been present in the agribusiness community since 1993 and remains a leader in all aspects of agricultural operations. It is notable that the entire crop production, vegetable and fruit production and a part of stockbreeding activities of Delta Agrar take place on 5 agricultural holdings totaling a surface area of some 15,000 ha.

Last but not least, the regional government of Vojvodina is represented in the PA4ALL partnership by the Provincial Secretariat of Agriculture Water Economy and Forestry, which is the designated policy/ desicion maker for agriculture in the region.  


LivingLab Since August 2013, PA4ALL is an official member of ENoLL, the European Network of Living Labs (, engaging in Knowledge Exchange activities with the International Living Labs community. 

For more information regarding our projects and activities, please contact Mr. Grigorios Chatzikostas, chatzikostas[at]biosense[dot]rs

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