Funded projects


Legal name: MOMA EOOD
Address: Bulgaria, Varna 9002, ul. Bregalnitca 60
Name of the coordinator: Ivaylo Dobrev
E-mail: divaylo[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone No.:+359 899 927668

Collecting and processing of wild-growing products is a process which cannot be controlled. They are not planted, irrigated, fertilized, sprayed and selected. The quality and quantity of the yield depends on the meteorological conditions and the peculiarities of the landscape. The industry of wild–growing products has little vertical integration, making it difficult to analyse data related to yearly yields. The solution we propose gives the wild-growing products value chain advantages that will increase its competitiveness, profit and sustainability. We will give a tool to the value chain (collectors-resellers-processors-merchants) to improve the management. In return they will share information about collected and processed type of products, quantities, qualities, geographical area.


Legal name: EnviCons Srl
Address: Via Lessolo 3, 10153, Torino - ITALY
Name of the coordinator: Maurizio Previati
E-mail: maurizio.previati[at]envicons[dot]com
Phone No.:+39 011 8128684

Small farms have always been a pillar of European agriculture, but the value chain in the agricultural sector is highly imbalanced in favor of middlemen, hence penalizing small farmers, which are typically lacking or have poor visibility and/or commercial capabilities.
However, the increasing market demand of fresh, healthy, environmentally-sustainable and socially fair locally-grown foods represents a huge opportunity for millions of small farms. In this context, the AgriFoodFinder* project will help to close the gap between farmers and consumers trough a FIWARE-based App to match the offer and demand of food products that will help small farmers to innovate their direct sale systems (farmers markets, farm sales, etc.), promote their products and capitalize their proximity to end consumers.


Legal name: Qualysoft Informatics PLc.
Address: Rétköz utca 5., Budapest, 1118, Hungary
Name of the coordinator: Laszlo Bartal
E-mail: laszlobartal[dot]fractalfiware[at]qualysoft[dot]com
Phone No.:+3618899800

Agricultural Portal for the Support of Preferential Purchase and Cost Effective Sale (AgriPortal)
The main objective of the portal is to facilitate cross-country preferential purchase and cost-effective sales in various agricultural sectors. Using the portal farmers and farms (of smaller size) could mitigate their purchase disadvantages inflicted upon by the negotiation power of buyers of large-volume agricultural products. The portal will enable small and medium sized farms to join forces and make large quantity purchases thus obtaining discounts. The system will also facilitate the sale of purchased but remaining, not used products. Registered farmers and producers (even distributors) could sell their remaining products through the system operating as a classified advertisement portal


Address: Dr Đorđa Joanovića 7, Novi Sad
Name of the coordinator: Boris Petrenj
E-mail: boris[dot]petrenj[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone No.: +39 389 5599778

AGRISHARES is an online marketplace (‘sharing economy’) for agricultural machinery, equipment and services. When unused resources are shared their value increases, for businesses, individuals and entire community. Local agriculture has so far been missing out on this approach successfully implemented in many other domains.
A farmer or an organisation is paying for the benefit from using a product without needing to own/buy the product outright (tractor, combine, etc.). On the other side owners rent out something they are not using and increase the profit. AGRISHARES matches renters’ needs and owners’ spare resources, optimising efficiency and reducing costs for both sides, thus creating a win-win solution. Additional assistance is provided though scheduling and record keeping tools, renting price calculator and a review system.


Legal name: Agrivi d.o.o.
Address: Kutinska lipa 24, 44320 Kutina, Croatia
Name of the coordinator: Matija Zulj
E-mail: matija[at]agrivi[dot]com
Phone No.: +385 98 601 339

Agrivi is the complete farm management software that lets farmers manage all farming activities and data on one place – from in-depth tracking of all field activities, managing finances & inventory, weather monitoring, powerful farm analytics to smart pest & disease detection. Thousands of farmers from over 135 countries are already using Agrivi’s core farm management software to achieve resource-efficient, profitable and sustainable agricultural production.
As a part of FRACTALS project, Agrivi will enrich current farm management solution with integrations to major vendors of smart irrigation, weather stations and soil sensors in order to automate data input, get 100% accuracy for pest and disease alarms and create optimal irrigation plans based on precise soil moisture data and weather forecast.

novocaptis      AGROMENTORIS

novocaptis Legal name: NOVOCAPTIS Cognitive Systems & Robotics
Address: Antoni Tritsi 21, 57001 Thessaloniki, Greece
Name of the coordinator: Stathis Kasderidis
E-mail: kasderidis[at]novocaptis[dot]com
Phone No.: +30 2310 804967

AGROMENTORIS aims to develop a knowledge-based system, which can assist farmers, agronomists and other agro-stakeholders to increase agricultural production performance. This will be achieved by combining knowledge of the main factors of influence on the production: diseases, environmental conditions, cultivating methods and treatment.
The project aims to implement a knowledge base, which will include the main diseases affecting the species that comprise Greek agricultural production. Three key services will be provided. The first is a browsing capability over the knowledge base providing encyclopedic information about a given plant. The second will provide identification of a disease (and disease stage) through a camera image and a relevant query to the knowledge base. The third will be an alerting service, to interested farmers, when weather conditions will change negatively the evolution of an existing disease or will create favorable conditions for the appearance of a new one. Over time the knowledge base will also cover the Balkan and Mediterranean regions allowing the offering of the same services in a wider audience. Localised knowledge and conditions will be included in the knowledge base in order to maximize relevance to each area of interest in the same or a different country.


Legal name: LOGIT d.o.o. Beograd
Address: Bul. Milutina Milankovića 25b, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
Name of the coordinator: Milan Dobrota
E-mail: milan[dot]dobrota[at]logit-solutions[dot]com
Phone No.: +381 63355034

AREAS (Agriculture Remote Aerial Sensing) is part of Precision Agriculture (PA), that uses remote sensing for surveying large farm areas, gathering data in near real-time manner, and processing and analysing data using statistical methods and machine learning algorithms. The results produced from data provide to end users (farmers) explained basis for timely decision making. Goal is to develop a comprehensive technology platform for gathering, processing and analysing large amount of data, improving remote sensing process, giving the output that addresses specific agriculture problem solving, such as weed identification, stress monitoring and plant counting, thus increasing the productivity and yields on farms while significantly reducing the costs and risks.

      BeeMon Solution

Legal name: Impact IT Group DOO
Address: Cara Dušana 68, Novi Sad 21000
Name of the coordinator: Vladimir Tadić
E-mail: vladimir[dot]tadic[at]beemonsolution[dot]com
Phone No.: +381 63 7762950

The “BeeMon Slolution“ is cloud service for surveillance and alerting with the client-server access via mobile devices and desktop web based cloud applications. Available platforms – Android, IoS, Windows phone, PC.
The concept of the “BeeMon Solution” is to enable a complex insight through all available information (Sensors, internet Web service, knowledge base and information from the user) into the state of the apiary. The beekeeper has continuously available data from its apiary and timely alerting of critical events with an indication of significant changes for the state of the apiary. Collecting and processing data will, through analyzing of the received, predefined and externally obtained data, allow the creation of Alert Event, that seeks a response from the user at the apiary.


Legal name: Limessoft d.o.o
Address: Jadranska 23/4 34000 Kragujevac
Name of the coordinator: Nikolić Vukašin
E-mail: v[dot]nikolic[at]limessoft[dot]com
Phone No.: +381 60 0575 007

Beekeeping is an under-rated agriculture branch in Serbia, with tremendous growth potential. ICT support to beekeeping almost does not exist. The idea of BeeWeb platform lies in ICT support to beekeeping with the goal to: 1. improve average annual yield per beehive; 2. reduce migratory beekeeping cost; 3. improve honey pasture utilization. BeeWeb brings benefits to three target groups: beekeepers, plant farmers and transporters. The concept of our project is based on matching the migratory beekeepers and honey pastures, matching the migratory beekeepers and transporters and on the affirmation of migratory beekeeping. Web technologies will be used to match interested parties.


Address: Achaikis Simpoliteias 22, Patras, Greece
Name of the coordinator: John Sokianos
E-mail: ysokianos[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone No.: +306937705716

The impact of climate change has affected the overall agricultural sector and specially beekeeping. Unstable timing of nectar-flows, scarce resources, bee losses due to pesticides and spread diseases deteriorates colonies productivity and increases operational costs. In this sense, beekeepers need to have an insight of the colony’s status and colony’s dynamics.
“BeeZon” continuous monitoring system brings the power of Internet of Things into the area of beekeeping by going beyond the traditional way of apiary control, following precision apiculture methodologies. BeeZon integrates FiWARE technologies, cloud services and wireless sensor capabilities, delivering a real time cost-effective remote monitoring solution which will allow users to interact through a web or mobile application.


Legal name: ΕΧΕΟ - Nasias K. & Co LP
Address: 6 Agapinou str., 54621, Thessaloniki, Greece
Name of the coordinator: Konstantinos Nasias
E-mail: nasias[at]exeo[dot]gr
Phone No.: +30 2315004766

The biomass market is in continuous expansion. For example, only German biomass industry has an annual turnover of € 9,1 billion (according to EU Biomass Association). 11,5% of EU wood biomass is produced by microsized, 19,9% by small and 27% by medium companies and rest 41,7% by big companies. Also, there exist 12 million farmers in EU of which 7 out of 10 are under 65 years old.
The BIOMAS project will introduce the mechanisms that will open up the biomass market to small-medium European biomass stakeholders and strengthen their market position.
Through the BIOMAS platform and mobile app, biomass suppliers will be encouraged to enter the biomass market offering their biomass products that otherwise will remain unexploited due to lack of sufficient support and consultation or lack of appropriate means of transport. Using BIOMAS, they can cooperate with other biomass suppliers or biomass providers offering advanced biomass services. On the other side, biomass consumers will be free to buy and combine offers from multiple biomass suppliers, thus promoting competition.
The big picture is that BIOMAS will create a new market without intermediate resellers.
In particular, biomass suppliers/service providers will benefit from economies of scale since they will offer their biomass products/services on a European wide basis. Also, it will promote cooperation and competition. Biomass suppliers will easier establish collaborations and provide more advanced services competing with well-established actors in the biomass market. On the other side, BIOMAS will make life easier and cheaper for biomass consumers. They can find best-priced offers. Also, they can check the availability and location of biomass products and predict how prices decrease or rise over the year.


Legal name: HYPERTECH S.A.
Address: Perikleous 32 Str., 15232 Athens, Greece
Name of the coordinator: Christopher Ververidis
E-mail: c[dot]ververidis[at]hypertech[dot]gr
Phone No.: +30 2106179441

EMPORIA is a next generation electronic marketplace-platform offering to organic farmers the ability to effectively identify, target and directly sell their goods to groups of end-consumers that have been traditionally served by middlemen in the value-chain. Through powerful retail data sourcing, analysis and visualization, EMPORIA allows the farmer to apply intelligent product pricing and delivery strategies, based on state of the art machine learning algorithms & tools, with the aim of maximizing revenues and profits while minimizing logistics costs. EMPORIA further allows the farmer to apply effective customer relation management strategies through the provision of targeted offers to specific customers recommended by the system based on intelligent consumer profiling.


Legal name: Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology FACT
Address: 21 Sajkaska Street, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Name of the coordinator: Dr. Dragomir D. Dimitrijevic
E-mail: dragomir[at]fact[dot]rs
Phone No.: +381113390838

FACTUAL is a revolutionary disruptive FIWARE and xCube based integrated solution that will introduce Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture on multiple levels such as acquisition of vast amount of agricultural data, improved crop production at a lower cost and expedited administrative procedures required by food safety bodies and governments in EU. As an added benefit FACTUAL will become an agricultural social network that will facilitate education of farmers and be an advertising platform where vendors of agriculture-related products such as seed or pesticides/fertilizers can post narrowly targeted ads. FACTUAL will be a FIWARE and xCube based IoT platform for acquisition and management of vast amount of agricultural data that can be used to efficiently advise farmers.


Legal name: Pogled Telekomunikacije LLC
Address: V. Mišića 58/2 18000 Niš
Name of the coordinator: Saša Stojković
E-mail: sasa[dot]stojkovic[at]pogledtel[dot]rs
Phone No.: +381 18 4510 920

The software solution FARM@ aims at farms engaged in breeding cows. The task of the application is to increase the quantity and improve milk quality at a farm of the same or similar properties. The software treats the contents of feeding, enables a constant monitoring of the microclimate conditions and management of milk production. The output system data are obtained characteristics of milk (10 parameters), which are available to (potential) customers via FIWARE platform on a daily basis. Application will solve the issues that occur during the continuous monitoring of all units. It contains an expert system for alerting the user to the risk / anomalies (in order to act preventively) and examines the milk production system in a different way compared to already available solutions.


Legal name: Nemetschek OOD
Address: 11 Industrialna Street, Sofia, Bulgaria
Name of the coordinator: Lyuba Filipova
E-mail: lfilipova[at]nemetschek[dot]bg
Phone No.: +359886464744

The core of our project is developing a platform providing specialized meteorological information and analysis for the needs of the grain producers. The platform will deliver hyper local weather forecast available for every point on the globe and meeting the specific needs of the grain producers. In a drive to provide greater economic efficiency for them we are going to develop several different modules, each one analyzing specific meteorological factors and sending back information if the weather conditions are suitable or not for performing certain agricultural activity. We will develop the following modules of the system:

  • Module “Simple weather forecast”
  • Module „ Spraying windows”
  • Module “Sowing windows”
  • Module “Harvesting”


Legal name: Lesprojekt – sluyby s.r.o.
Address: Martinov 197, 277 13 Zaryby, CZ
Name of the coordinator: Mr. Zbynek Krivanek
E-mail: krivanek[at]lesprojekt[dot]cz
Phone No.: +420 603 219 679

The effectiveness of each production is determined by the ratio of the value of the production outputs to the value of production inputs. FarmTelemetry focuses on optimization of farm inputs, such as energy needed to power agricultural machinery on the fields, energy for the transport of inputs and outputs of production.
We want to know the energy consumption of the crops on individual fields. The project calculates the energy potential of specific crops on specific fields. We can:

  • Track the machinery fleet in real time
  • Evaluate economic efficiency of the crop management treatments within the fields
  • Evaluate machinery passes on the soil environment. This includes detailed analysis of the tractor trajectories within the fields considering the site specific conditions.


Legal name: Omnisens Information Solutions P.C
Address: 10 Farmakidou Av., 34100 Chalkida, Greece
Name of the coordinator: Evangelos Ladis
E-mail: eladis[at]omnisens[dot]eu
Phone No.: +30 6972 605350

The project will design, develop and implement a Future Internet based Sustainable Irrigation Service (FISIS), which will allow end-users to increase yield and, at the same time, significantly reduce both economic and environmental cost. FISIS will stimulate social networking and collective awareness among end-users, targeting the dissemination of best practices, exchange of opinions, discussions and advice from experts.
FISIS will collect, process and combine data generated from heterogeneous sensors, measuring air, soil and plant characteristics to provide timely information for irrigation and fertilization practices. The decision support module will follow a fully customizable logic and will be enforced either by relevant actuators or by informing the farmer via email/SMS.


Legal name: KPAD Ltd
Address: Camburgh House, 27 New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3DN, UK
Name of the coordinator: Magda Krokida
E-mail: info[at]kpadltd[dot]co[dot]uk
Phone No.: + 44 (0) 1227 454627

Table grapes face increasing market pressure to produce quality products, and require a detailed traceable system for the origin of the product and its quality factors mainly, the treatments and the conditions that have occurred during the production phase.
IMAGE SENSE is a Farm Management information System (FMIS) developed with the use of Future Internet Technologies, for applying precision agriculture management for table grapes production. IMAGE SENSE has the ability for real time data recording from: installed field sensors, on-the-go sensors, UAV images (taken from drones) and external services. The recording of the manual operations is facilitated by a user-friendly Android application and the web application is used for information processing, data projection and reporting.


Legal name: Niobium Labs
Address: Athinas 2, 10551, Athens, Greece
Name of the coordinator: John Doxaras
E-mail: john[at]warp[dot]ly
Phone No.: +30 2103234175

One of the most crucial problems of the small/medium sized agricultural producer is the difficulty to find the demand, in the form of a retailer, for their products. These difficulties multiply when the retailers must be sought in another country.
The current proposal regards the development of an integrated application that: a) matches the offer with the demand in a realistic and standardised way, b) matches the need for packing or processing of the agricultural products with the relative units and c) matches the need for product transportation with the offer for the respective service.
The application will lead the two parties (producer and retailers) through the several stages of the agreement in step-by-step manner offering standardised electronic forms for orders and for contracts.


Legal name: DunavNET doo
Address: Antona Čehova 1, 21 000 Novi Sad
Name of the coordinator: Srdjan Krčo
E-mail: info[at]dunavnet[dot]eu
Phone No.: +38121528493

irrigNET -Plant-specific model-based irrigation using Internet of Things (IoT)
IrrigNET is a service which enables improvement of crops production by optimizing irrigation process. The mathematical models of a specific crop (initially sugar beet) and soil structure are fed with data generated by sensors deployed in the field (soil temperature, humidity), current weather conditions and weather forecast to create an “irrigation recipe”, i.e. how much water should be used at a given time.
All this will result in:

  1. Increased income through cost reduction
  2. Increased yields and quality of the crops
  3. Rational water consumption
  4. Prevention of soil destruction


Legal name: TotalObserver doo
Address: Braće Ribnikar 29, Novi Sad, Serbia
Name of the coordinator: Boško Milosavljević
E-mail: bosko[at]totalobserver[dot]com
Phone No.: +38162250025

Do you want to automate the maintenance?
KEEPROP is affordable web and mobile software for automated maintenance management.
It offers the web interface and a mobile application for:

  • Asset registry with support of QR codes.
  • Service requests (request for reactive maintenance) and position recognition via usage of simple mobile phone application with GPS capability + voice message + photo.
  • Automation of work, delegating and tracking of realization using Work orders.
  • Regular maintenance automation by using the calendar and notifications.
  • Full service history of the asset and reports with analysis of maintenance and costs.

With the KEEPROP we target markets in which the assets are mobile or dislocated and where simple and an affordable maintenance management online software is needed.


Legal name: Christos Stamatis & Co L.P.
Address: 26, Agias Paraskevis, Lamia, Greece
Name of the coordinator: Christos Stamatis
E-mail: clstamatis[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone No.: +30 6974499226

mermix is an innovative and disruptive service that will connect farmers and professional machinery contractors through a participatory online application in order to improve the efficiency of using machinery.
mermix will allow farmers to a) access new state of the art machinery b) share and exploit their machinery and professional contractors to promote and manage their machinery, through both web and mobile version.
Our vision is to create a more productive agricultural sector in which the machinery can be fully exploited. We want to meet the farmers’ needs and serve them effectively. Our mission is to improve the agricultural world by connecting farmers.
mermix will be first exploited in Greece and at the second stage we will explore additional markets in Europe.


Address: 32 Ardittou str, 11636 Athens, Greece
Name of the coordinator: Georgia Kalousi
E-mail: g[dot]kalousi[at]terraspatium[dot]gr
Phone No.: +30 210 6748540

miBeez is a Precision Apiculture System that aims to assist sustainable beekeeping by applying best practices. It integrates a beekeeping management module, a beehive monitoring module and a decision support module that provides advice and warnings, taking under consideration internal and external environmental conditions.
miBeez is an integrated toolbox used during all beekeeping activities to help beekeepers manage production, monitor colonies and get advice for optimal decision making, in order to improve quantity and quality, as well as reducing time and cost. miBeez will harvest the benefits of FIWARE, by developing applications using Future Internet and Internet of Things technologies.


Legal name: Agrostis - Agricultural Informa-tion Systems Ltd
Address: A. Tritsi 21B, 57001 Thessaloni-ki, Greece
Name of the coordinator:
Vangelis Vassiliadis E-mail: v[dot]vassiliadis[at]agrostis[dot]gr
Phone No.: +30 2310804981

MINT is an App for Monitoring INsect Traps that enables the agronomists-farmers collaboration in the insect trap monitoring process in order to track insects population and spread. This knowledge combined with weather forecasts allows timely application of insect prevention and control regimes with substantial cost, health and environmental benefits.
With MINT the agronomist-advisor of a farmers group organizes and executes the trap monitoring in collaboration with the farmers who, using a mobile App, receive the trap-monitoring request, log the required information and submit the data back to the agronomist for centralized processing and reporting.
The MINT App is built on the FISpace platform and can be integrated with ifarma, Agrostis' farm management information system.


Legal name: CenterMine EOOD
Address: 11 Industrialna Street, Sofia, Bulgaria
Name of the coordinator: Lyuba Filipova
E-mail: lfilipova[at]centermine[dot]com
Phone No.: +359886464744

With the development of MyFarm CenterMine EOOD aims to develop well working universal livestock management tool for different livestock European farmers based on the management database of Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
MyFarm will be software solution which will facilitate livestock farmers during their daily work based on the structured database of the Cornell University. Using mobile devices farmers will be able to track all needed information for each animal in their husbandry.
The system will provide functionalities connected to every routine livestock management activity.
The solution will be developed for different operational systems and devices and this will give opportunity to more farmers to use it easily.

AGRO APPS logo      myLOCALfarm

AGRO APPS logo Legal name: AGRO APPS PC
Address: Monastiriou 85, Thessaloniki
Name of the coordinator: Dr. Machi Simeonidou
E-mail: spolimachi[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone No.: +30 6973236500

Nowadays, wholesale buyers of horticultural products are more and more interested in locally produced food, while local farmers have limited access to the market and lack capacity to meet buyer requirements. myLOCALfarm will be a platform enabling wholesale buyers and local horticulture farmers to find each other by helping farmers to create business relationships through the creation of informal groups. Buyers will make customized searches of products of their interest, and they will have the ability to post their demand. Farmers will be able to post their product and create informal groups. myLOCALfarm will enable buyers to place a bid to a farmer or a group, while farmers as individuals or as groups will be able to see buyers’ demands and post financial offers.


Legal name: AGRIFORTIS Beteiligungs GmbH
Address: Auenstrasse 1, 82110 Germering, Germany
Name of the coordinator: Thomas Selige
E-mail: thomas[at]selige[dot]de
Phone No.: +49 89 80046941

Fertilization is an important field operation in arable farming, is a cost relevant activity and creates environmental risks. To minimize risks and cost and to optimize yield, profitability and fertilizer use, sites-specific management is a concept that simultaneously enables optimal farm profitability and environmental sustainability.
Our Nutrient management and fertilization eXpert project (N-eXpert) implements an end-to-end ICT solution and web-service for optimized site-specific fertilization utilising the FIWARE GE/SE including the FIspace environment. The solution will provide a novel quality in site-specific nutrient inventory and monitoring. Providing a web-frontend and mobile app an easy to access decision making process will guide the farm manager towards site-specific fertilization strategy and resulting in fertilizer application maps. The service is aimed for large farms, cooperatives and field operation service providers.


olifly Legal name: HARPHA SEA, d.o.o. Koper
Address: Čevljarska 8, 6000 Koper
Name of the coordinator: Maja Berden Zrimec
E-mail: maja[at]harphasea[dot]si
Phone No.: +386 5 627 21 20

OLIFLY system for automatic monitoring of olive flies’ infestation will use smart application for android and iOS that will save olive growers’ time and money.
Olive fly is the single most important pest damaging up to 100% of table olive production and severely reducing the quality and yield of olive oil. By using our smart application, accompanied by real-time imaging of pest traps in the orchard, olive growers will be able to monitor changes of olive fly population from their homes or offices. This will enable them to react on time to save their crop and product quality, reduce the cost for pesticides and labor. Not to mention improved environmental safety, health and agricultural sustainability.


Legal name: TeamDev s.r.l.
Address: via Tiberina 70/I, 06050 Collazzone (PG) – ITALY
Name of the coordinator: Andrea Cruciani
E-mail: a[dot]cruciani[at]teamdev[dot]it
Phone No.: +39 075 9724382

The olive sector is an essential part of the agricultural sector of the southern Europe, where it represents a significant share of the agricultural economy. More than 1.8 million farms that are dedicated to Olive production in the EU.
Olive Farmers were used to have a specific calendar for their treatments for the olive plants because so far the cultural cycle was quite predictable. In the last years several diseases raised their infectivity and new ones arrived from other continents: a lot of farmers are not prepared to manage the onset of these diseases.
Oliwes is a platform for farmers that helps them to manage olive specific diseases. It provides the alerts and support farmers, agronomists and dedicated associations with dedicated workflows for each disease. Oliwes supports the cooperation between different actors that will work with the preferred device (web or mobile) to receive and then manage the situation in the most suitable way.


Legal name: OOB Software Ltd
Address: 41 Perikleous st, 2021, Strovolos, Cyprus
Name of the coordinator: Panagiotis Stamatelopoulos
E-mail: pstamatel[at]oobsoftwarecy[dot]com
Phone No.: +357 22 324458

Crop protection spraying technology which includes pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides helps to control the thousands of harmful insects and numerous plant diseases that afflict crops
OPTI-MIST general objective is the creation of an application tool, with the use of FI-WARE technologies, which will assist orchard and vineyard farmers for achieving optimal spraying using orchard mist blowers sprayers. More specifically, the application tool will provide the following information: (i) optimal sprayer calibration, (ii) ideal timing for applying a spraying operation, (iii) optimal forward speed of the tractor in real time, (iv) optimal volume rate (l/ha) to be applied, and (v) Variable Rate Application (VRA) at spraying capabilities.


Legal name: GeoGIS Consultants doo
Address: Cara Dušana 28, Belgrade, Serbia
Name of the coordinator: Zoran Sušić
E-mail: susic_zoran[at]yahoo[dot]com
Phone No.: +38163377472

The aim of the project is development of service for the collection and archiving data on crops and their presentations to the farmers. The source of crop data is two-folded: aerial images and sensor measurements. The aerial images are taken using an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with cameras (RGB, NIR, IR, multispectral, etc.), while mobile sensor stations are used for monitoring changes in temperature, humidity, pH, etc. All of this gathered data from the same parcel is linked based on spatial and temporal attributes. The data correlated with these attributes give richer and more reliable information. Such information provides a comprehensive image of crops growth and indications of its changes due to diseases, lack of fertilization or inadequate agricultural technical actions.


Legal name: CAM Engineering doo
Address: Filipa Filipovića 8, Novi Sad, Serbia
Name of the coordinator: Stevan Stankovski
E-mail: stevan[at]uns[dot]ac[dot]rs
Phone No.: +38163507262

Community Support Agriculture (CSA) is an agricultural association of customers and farmers that enables direct supply of fresh and high-quality food products grown at local farms to urban population. PAYS - Payment System for Community Supported Agriculture offers a solution for efficient payment system for online selling of agricultural products between farmers, customers and deliverer service with product traceability. The project is based on web service which connects users into a cashless payment system, for ordered products and payment upon delivery of products. The PAYS system enables checking the content of the packages of ordered products by scanning the tags on delivered packages and facilitates dealing with complaints in case of inadequate content or quality of products.


Address: Via X Marzo 110/H/11 – 70026 Modugno (Bari) – Italy
Name of the coordinator: Vito Micunco
E-mail: vito[dot]micunco[at]softwaredesign[dot]it
Phone No.: +39 080 5367848

PGSC Solution: a public cloud infrastructure, Future Internet based, providing a Business To Business (B2B) environment enabling Collaboration processes and related web applications to support a new governance model of the crops supply chain according to the emerging principles of the Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS).
PGS Governance model: a stable partnership among farmers and consumers (Community Supported Agriculture – CSA) where consumers groups (Ethical Purchasing Groups – EPG) actively participate to the whole crops supply chain and quality assessment, so assuring the right price to the farmers.


Legal name: Graphware Ltd
Address: 71A, Kalimantsi Str., 1505 Sofia, Bulgaria
Name of the coordinator: Stoyan Stoyanov
E-mail: stoyanov[at]graphware[dot]net
Phone No.: + 359 879 525991

The “Poultrics” Rural Poultry Management System is a Cloud based solution that addresses the technical, operational and administrative obstacles that hinder the development and sustainability of pasture/free-range poultry. The system tackles business critical issues such as feed conversion, water consumption, desegregation of consecutive fowl generations, strict nurturing times, genealogical traceability, thorough documentation, stock and warehousing of fowl products, financial statistics and analyses, etc. The RFID based identification, traceability and physical control through standard interfaces to external hardware, bring unparalleled levels of individual fowl handling, optimizing the workforce load and greatly reducing the time spent on mundane and manual labour intensive tasks.


Address: Puškinova 26, 21000 Novi Sad
Name of the coordinator: Boris Pokrić
E-mail: office[at]prozone[dot]rs
Phone No.: +381 214720200

SDOP is the solution for identifying rodents and harmful lepidoptera in fields at the optimal moment, before their overproduction. It enables fast and affordable remote detection of pests on large agricultural fields using combination of optical and acoustic detectors. By deploying acoustic detectors in the soil and above the ground and combining the measured values with the visible and infrared video feeds from drones, the decision if the area is affected with pests is made.
Different levels of services will be provided to the user such as:

  • Remote visual inspection
  • Combination of visual and acoustic data inspection
  • Automatic detection and notification

The detection methods can be adopted to other types of pests depending on the geographical regions, type of crops or other parameters.


Legal name: Manufaktura Inc.
Address: Pap Pal 35, 24000 Subotica
Name of the coordinator: Igor Marinović
E-mail: igor[at]manufaktura[dot]rs
Phone No.: + 381 64 220 3345

The objective of the project is to provide an ICT solution which helps farmers to improve, facilitate and optimize production processes by improving the prediction management system in crop treatment. The “Smart Plant” online platform will provide precise and accessible data in real time on risks in appearance of pests and diseases for a specific crop, in a specific location. Farmers, Extension services, cooperatives, agronomists and scientists will benefit from the project. Productivity in crop growing will be significantly increased, plant protection products usage and energy consumption will fall to optimal levels. Also, the negative impact on environment during farming and crop treatment will be significantly reduced, on the other hand quality of life and food safety will be increased.

      Smarthives – bee controlled

Legal name: R-Key Ltd.
Address: 20 Szövőgyár u., Hird (Hungary)
Name of the coordinator: Tamás György Wágner
E-mail: gyorgy[dot]wagner[at]r-key[dot]eu
Phone No.: +36 30 / 530-96-69

Smarthives is such a beekeeper supporting online system that would help all its beekeeper users and the full beekeeper profession to make huge progress while carrying out the everyday beekeeping activities and duties.
The fundament of the system is an ERP system customized for beekeepers. Here the beekeeper has the opportunity to handle his/her bees (sites and families), the equipment, expenditures and revenues. The software is operational in itself but for the aim of automatizing the tasks the beekeepers can connect sensors to the system to be developed as well. The required sensors and their number depends on the unique demand of the beekeepers (some might only deploy one weight sensor, some others might equip the hive with movement sensors and some others also use thermometers).


Address: Dardanellion 11, Pefka, 57010, Thessaloniki, Greece
Name of the coordinator: Vassilis Efopoulos
E-mail: info[at]tessera[dot]gr
Phone No.: +30 2310889155

TAQ is a quality management/traceability application for agricultural products. It provides information to consumers and other interested parties about the production, manufacturing, transportation and storing conditions of products and gets feedback from them. TAQ allows producers, manufacturers, transporters and warehouses to fill-in any kind and level of information that will enhance the added value of their products if seen by the customers. This process, will pair the information inserted by the users with the product through a QR-code sticker which will bear a unique connection with the database where the users will insert information. Consequently the application will ensure the identification of every LOT of products allowing traceability for the products involved in the process.


Legal name: Proventus d.o.o.
Address: Franca Baliča 32, 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia
Name of the coordinator: dr. Bojan Blažica
E-mail: bojan[at]tomappo[dot]com
Phone No.: +386 41 502 959

Tomappo is a web and mobile application that helps people grow their own vegetables. It guides them through the whole gardening season: from soil preparation and garden planning to the care of the plants and cooking. With the data gathered, Tomappo is the tool for efficient affiliate marketing of gardening related products and services.
Tomappo is a web and mobile application that delivers the right information at the right time. In winter, the web-based garden planner lets users organize their gardens and plan the whole gardening season. The mobile app consists of a planting calendar showing when and what to plant, allows users to take notes, provides weather forecast and irrigation advice, and more. Users can also exchange knowledge and share their success on social media.


Address: VEPE TECHNOPOLIS, 555 35, Pylaia, Thessaloniki
Name of the coordinator: Konstantinos Grigoriadis
E-mail: kgrigor[at]mls[dot]gr
Phone No.: +30 6932349529

V-AgriFleet proposal refers to the development of an innovative agricultural fleet management application which has as a central functional feature the voice-driven provision and receiving of real-time information. The application is a decentralised fleet management tool with equal share of information among the fleet units, which operates in heterogeneous fleets independently of the machines’ brand names and specifications, and disengage operators from the manually interaction with the system by giving him the ability for a complete communication with the system (for both giving or requesting information) by his/her own voice. This application overcomes the drawbacks of existing fleet management solutions which are highly depended on the machinery brand names (and thus not applicable to heterogeneous fleets), completely centralised (providing information only to the central decision maker) and require the manual interaction of the operator with the tool’s interface which cost in time and concentration to another parallel task.
The proposed application incorporates the following FIWARE enablers: Complex Event Processing (CEP); Identity Management (KeyRock); and the Backend Device Management (IDAS). V-AgriFleet application marketing and merchandise efforts will be directed to the following target group of customers: farmers of cereals, industrial crops, and forage crops; contractors of agricultural machinery; and farmers associations that share agricultural machinery.


Legal name: ITEN Engineering d.o.o.
Address: Veselina Masleše 74/7
Name of the coordinator: Marko Nikolic
E-mail: marko[dot]nikolic[at]iten[dot]rs
Phone No.: +381693311252

Virtual Cooperative is a WEB application, designed to help farms and conventional cooperatives to unite and join their forces in purchasing and selling goods. The whole concept is based on the ‘bulletin boards’. Users, which are farmers, vendors and public users are assigned with appropriate widgets which enables them to create ads, to filter among different ads and to communicate with desired users/groups.
Farms, as the central users of Virtual Cooperative, are creating virtual communities where they discuss their products and needs, and then finally joined in a larger group with the same interest they are posting an ad for purchasing materials and services of selling produced goods. Communities can be created around certain topic, at user specified geographies. Public users and vendors are able to see the ads on the ‘bulletin board’, to filter the desired ones, to get the notification if the ad with desired topics is published and to respond to them.
The benefits of the application are:

  • Farmers are uniting themselves, exchanging information, acting as a bigger user on the market strengthening their position.
  • Vendors are having a direct communication with users, having the opportunity to explain benefits of their product.
  • Public users and retailers are finally being able to choose the farm products which satisfies their requirements in the best way and to share information between each other by rating the farms.


Legal name: VÁMOSINNO Kft.
Address: 3941 Vámosújfalu, Kossuth Lajos u. 23. Hungary
Name of the coordinator: Ádám Ficsor
E-mail: ficsoradam[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone No.: +36302999353

In Europe, there is more than 3 million hectares of vineyards. The European Union is the world’s leader in wine production, with almost half of the global vine-growing area, in Hungary there is more than 69 000 hectares. The viticulture is an expensive and sensitive business, the Precision Viticulture (PV) can be the solution to their problems in the future.
VINEYE will make PV happen. We have a vision about an online platform which offers the on demand analysis of aerial images of vineyards made by drones for viticulture specialists. The aerial images are taken with cameras (RGB, NIR, multispectral, etc.).
We plan to identify vineyard management zones applying different vineyard management proposals based on our analysis. Our business model focuses on our core competence: to develop "wine-grower-friendly" application and services.

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