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After the FRACTALS grant, which helped us (as a young team) to dedicate ourselves and develop the product, we’ve been looking for a way forward. With the MVP ready to be launched, further tested and improved, a logical next step for me was to continue the training while learning more about agricultural markets in Europe. We were searching for a perfect opportunity to continue the mission of the Agrishares project and receive additional business mentoring.

Following the suggestions of FRACTALS team, I visited Fast Track Malmö, located at Minc - which is a hub for entrepreneurs, innovators and investors, owned and funded by the city of Malmö in Sweden.


Joel (HE) and myself (NE)

Being a New Entrepreneur it was important to assimilate the knowledge and experience from successful entrepreneurs and acquire more skills necessary to grow a startup. I received full support from the Host Entrepreneur and his colleagues (Minc hosts a very open and friendly community) - by means of mentoring/advisory, overview of the local market, connection to the local startup community, networking, participation in local events, contacts in industry and a co-working office space.

The huge benefits were the mentoring, networking opportunities, international exposure and collaboration possibilities with business partners abroad. Gathering a startup experience from another European country made me prepared to manage my own enterprise. The only shortcoming was that I stayed abroad without the other members of the project team, and we had to coordinate actions remotely (not a big issue in any case).

Thanks to the FRACTALS team and their suggestions, I have participated in some of the major startup conferences (e.g. Pioneers, Slush, TNW, The Web Summit) where I received important feedback, advice and connections.

agrishares2 agrishares3

Pitching at the Fast Track Demo Day (May 2016)

This helped me to grow as an entrepreneur. We are currently negotiating a strategic partnership with a big agricultural service provider.

Boris Petrenj, Agrishares CEO


About AgriSens

In AgriSens, we are developing applications with an expert system as a backend to help farmers make decisions about their crops leveraging remote sensing and especially drone technology. We particularly work on crossing the gap between booming technology and efficiencies it brings to farmers, with actionable and expert outputs obtained at low cost and without specific analytical skills required. The technology emerged from the AREAS project, which was funded by FRACTALS, under the funding framework of the European Commission.


AgriSens products and services are used by large agricultural producers, individual farmers, researchers, seed producers, insurance companies and banks, in order to gain valuable insights into their fields and act preventively, correctively, or simply assess the overall state and damage level of their crops, etc. Our apps are trying to solve the problems such as those caused by lack of accurate and early insights into the quality of sowing and plant growth for seasonal crops and ability to accurately manage perennial plantations.


AgriSens applications are already provided as-a-service to more than 200 users from every continent of the world and more than 30 countries. The global reach is especially facilitated through cooperation with DroneDeploy, which is world’s leading cloud–based platform for commercial drone operations and AgriSens has also found its place in their report of Commercial Drone Industry Trends, from August 2016.


Great success of our project mermix

mermix is proud to announce that won the 3rd prize amongst 140 startups, at Ideatreegr Competition for Young Entrepreneurs in Greece! We would like to thank FRACTALS and Fiware community, whose help was vital for our team to succeed and achieve this significant milestone! Many more to come!

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A new software application will help livestock farmers

eherdWith eHerd farmers will have a complete animal track record

CenterMine, a Bulgarian software company,is developing an online platform for electronic livestock management. The innovative product eHerd is in the final phase of development and its official promotion in Bulgaria and the region will soon begin.

The idea of ​​the new system was born thanks to the close cooperation of the company with representatives from the livestock sector who share the major challenges that farmers in Bulgaria are facing. This results in the creation of a system, that assists breeders in their daily work by providing them with complete information about the historical data and the current status of their animals.

The project received funding from the European Commission under the program FRACTALS (7th FP, Project No Project 632874) and its development is based on the most advanced software technologies enabling simple yet flexible functionality and user interface.

In the core of the project’s idea is thecomplete animal’s register, including the following data: ID number (tag), species, breed, date of birth, origin, status, data on pregnancy and reproduction, full medical record, images, notes and others. In addition the system keeps record of key financial indicators and generates various reports to support analysis of business activities. When all the information is organized in one place, it simplifies document workflow and saves a lot of time looking for important data.

eHerd is a web application, which means that farmers have access to it from any device that supports Internet connection (PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone). This mobility greatly simplifies the process of entering informationwhile you are on the go. By eHerd you can manage, track and report data for your pastures and herds as milking, breeding, calving, weaning, movements, medical information, sales and other. The system enables farmers to create and overview different reports that they can structure according to their own needs. There are also a Calender and Notifications that support the farmers to create, track and manage different tasks and events related to everyday activities in their farm, saving time and extra efforts.

eHerd helps farmers to optimize their costs and resources which leads to higher productivity and more time for real business. Soon the farmers in Bulgaria and the Balkan region will have the opportunity to test the benefits of this online platform.

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