About AgriSens

In AgriSens, we are developing applications with an expert system as a backend to help farmers make decisions about their crops leveraging remote sensing and especially drone technology. We particularly work on crossing the gap between booming technology and efficiencies it brings to farmers, with actionable and expert outputs obtained at low cost and without specific analytical skills required. The technology emerged from the AREAS project, which was funded by FRACTALS, under the funding framework of the European Commission.


AgriSens products and services are used by large agricultural producers, individual farmers, researchers, seed producers, insurance companies and banks, in order to gain valuable insights into their fields and act preventively, correctively, or simply assess the overall state and damage level of their crops, etc. Our apps are trying to solve the problems such as those caused by lack of accurate and early insights into the quality of sowing and plant growth for seasonal crops and ability to accurately manage perennial plantations.


AgriSens applications are already provided as-a-service to more than 200 users from every continent of the world and more than 30 countries. The global reach is especially facilitated through cooperation with DroneDeploy, which is world’s leading cloud–based platform for commercial drone operations and AgriSens has also found its place in their report of Commercial Drone Industry Trends, from August 2016.


About Us

FRACTALS aims to support the community of innovative ICT SMEs and web-entrepreneurs to develop FIWARE based applications with high market potential, addressing the needs of the agricultural sector. Read more...