After the FRACTALS grant, which helped us (as a young team) to dedicate ourselves and develop the product, we’ve been looking for a way forward. With the MVP ready to be launched, further tested and improved, a logical next step for me was to continue the training while learning more about agricultural markets in Europe. We were searching for a perfect opportunity to continue the mission of the Agrishares project and receive additional business mentoring.

Following the suggestions of FRACTALS team, I visited Fast Track Malmö, located at Minc - which is a hub for entrepreneurs, innovators and investors, owned and funded by the city of Malmö in Sweden.


Joel (HE) and myself (NE)

Being a New Entrepreneur it was important to assimilate the knowledge and experience from successful entrepreneurs and acquire more skills necessary to grow a startup. I received full support from the Host Entrepreneur and his colleagues (Minc hosts a very open and friendly community) - by means of mentoring/advisory, overview of the local market, connection to the local startup community, networking, participation in local events, contacts in industry and a co-working office space.

The huge benefits were the mentoring, networking opportunities, international exposure and collaboration possibilities with business partners abroad. Gathering a startup experience from another European country made me prepared to manage my own enterprise. The only shortcoming was that I stayed abroad without the other members of the project team, and we had to coordinate actions remotely (not a big issue in any case).

Thanks to the FRACTALS team and their suggestions, I have participated in some of the major startup conferences (e.g. Pioneers, Slush, TNW, The Web Summit) where I received important feedback, advice and connections.

agrishares2 agrishares3

Pitching at the Fast Track Demo Day (May 2016)

This helped me to grow as an entrepreneur. We are currently negotiating a strategic partnership with a big agricultural service provider.

Boris Petrenj, Agrishares CEO


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