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Bulgarian software will monitor the weather forecast for your agricultural fields

farmbrella  Web application Farmbrella, based on forecasts of Swiss precision

The software company Nemetschek Bulgaria is in the final stage of development of the software application Farmbrella - Specialized Meteorological platform for agriculture. At its base is the possibility for obtaining the most accurate data for each physical block being processed. The main objective of the platform is to optimize the costs of grain producers by providing them with a tool for more precise planning and execution of daily field work.

Besides hyper-local forecast, the web system provides meteorological analysis to support the processes of sowing, harvesting and treatment of crops against diseases and pests.

Farmbrella was developed based on meteorological data purchased by the company meteoblue AG Switzerland. Their model NEMS4 with 3 km resolution, is the most precise model for the territory of Europe and provides optimal accuracy of weather forecasts. Using Farmbrella will enable farmers to get the most accurate weather forecasts for specific location that interests them - not just for the region or city, but – for specific parcels, owned and processed by them. Data are available at intervals of 60 minutes, and include information on the temperature, precipitation, speed, wind, relative humidity, etc. In addition, users have access to other features such as calculation of accumulated temperature sum from the date of sowing of a culture.

All this allows informed decisions on important management activities related to the field work. The system enables the farmers to create different alarms to notify farmers when a specific weather indicator is important to them - for example, if the humidity falls below a certain value, or if the temperature passes specific degrees. Thus, the omission of important weather events is becoming an exception.

The web application Farmbrella is developed by the software experts of Nemetschek Bulgaria. The technological expertise of the company was combined with the knowledge of the agricultural sector and experts in the field of agrometeorology. This team of professionals is a precondition for building a system that offers practical solutions to the increasingly important agricultural issues related to meteorology.

Currently the main focus of the application is on grain production, the plans for the future development of the system are to include further services in the cultivation of other crops.

Next month, the company will recruit its first users who will have the opportunity to test the system for free to and give their feedback and recommendations regarding its functionalities. More information regarding the system and the trial period can be obtained by contacting the Product Team at farmbrella[at]nemetschek.bg or visiting www.farmbrella.eu.

OliFLY in action

After developing and testing the OliFLY system in our lab, the time has finally come to do some field work in October. We headed off to several orchards in our area to test the system’s performance in various terrain specifications. We seized the opportunity to talk to the olive growers about OliFLY and were happy to hear their positive thoughts about our system. Since many olive growers have additional jobs and thus limited time for the field inspections, they are excited to be able to monitor their orchard on the smart phones or computers.


BeeZon at 6th Investment Forum in Copenhagen

Participating at the 6th Investment Forum in Copenhagen for FIWARE startups was one more unique opportunity for us. We had the chance to network with interesting business people and to pitch our startup to accredited investors from all over Europe. The event was part of EBAN Winter University and it was an ideal next step after the amazing 2nd FIWARE Startup Bootcamp which took place in Athens in October. We are looking forward to more FIWARE Investment Forums.

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