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Know What You Eat - powered by Agrivi

We are proud to announce the launch of Agrivi certificate that empowers both farmers and consumers. With Agrivi certificate, farmers can easily showcase all important information on how the produce was actually grown and consumers can finally find out what exactly do they eat and make a decision on that before buying the product. Agrivi certificate is now officially available to all our customers, thousands of farmers in over 150 countries and we expect first produces holding QR code of Agrivi certificate on shelfs in first part of 2016.


AREAS story

Smart Detection of Pests in action!

Beautiful October day provided us the great opportunity to test different lenses on the GoPro camera. That day, the team working on the project “Smart Detection of Pests” was filming fields of Agro - Promet, agricultural company, we are working with on this project. Besides our activities within the project, we contributed to the joyful atmosphere of the „Corn Day“, which gathered a large number of subcontractors and business partners Agro - Promet, agricultural company, our partner on the project. We made a few shots of the corn harvest.

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Cooperation with Agricultural Cooperative

Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology - FACT Ltd. and Agricultural Cooperative ''Veljko Lukic Kurjak'' from Lukicevo township in the city of Zrenjanin municipality (Serbia) have signed joint Live-Lab Business Cooperation Agreement. Per this agreement, nearly 500 hectares of land in Lukicevo, planted with cereals, legumes and vegetables, and irrigated with modern irrigation system manufactured by John Deere and ATB Sever, will be digitized free-of-charge, with xCube IoT SmartAgriFood hardware building blocks. This IoT device include ultra modular FAST BUS Sensor/Actuator Arrays that are connected to FIWARE. FACTUAL will be tested in live by FACT R&D team of agronomists, biologists, bio-technologists, ICT/IoT experts but also by all employees and members of Agricultural Cooperative.

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