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The Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) is a European programme for Internet-enabled innovation. The FI-PPP will accelerate the development and adoption of Future Internet technologies in Europe, advance the European market for smart infrastructures, and increase the effectiveness of business processes through the Internet. The core platform of the FI-PPP program is known as FIWARE. A number of Use Case projects contribute to the realization of the Future Internet vision.

This is referred to the last set of projects co-funded by the EC where the 16 accelerators are, plus the technology foundation project (FI-CORE) and a set of Supporting Actions.

The accelerators are a set of 16 projects co-funded by the EC under a market label called FIWARE Accelerate. These projects will fund €80 million to SMEs and entrepreneurs from all over Europe during the following two years with the aim of promoting the ICT industry and FIWARE platform. They are also called FIWARE accelerators or A16 or Phase3 accelerators. FINODEX is one of these.

FIWARE is an innovative, open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of Future Internet applications and services, at a scale not seen before. FI-WARE API specifications are public and royalty-free, driven by the development of an open source reference implementation which accelerates the availability of commercial products and services. Check the following video for a 20’ presentation “What and why FIWARE?”

A Generic Enabler is a set of general-purpose platform functions available through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). FI-WARE GE specifications are open (publicly and royalty-free). A catalogue of available GEis can be found at FIWARE Catalogue

These are more complex GEs originated in a set of the Phase 1 and 2 projects targeting specific domains (transport, industry, health…). A good definition is a mixture of GEs brings a SE as a result.

  • FIWARE Academy. The e-learning platform
  • FIWARE Lab. A free and live instance of FIWARE available to developers for free experimentation of the technology

Sure! FIWARE is organising a different set of Bootcamps through all Europe. These are two-day events in which FIWARE experts provide hands-on the platform and basic training to start working with the technology. Check the calendar

Any programming language can be used since most of the GEs use REST. However, if you intend to use the FIspace platform the widget to be uploaded in the FIspace store and to be displayed by frontend, needs to be a W3C compliant widget. In addition, a FIspace backend application needs to be able to expose a REST API for communicating with the FIspace platform. More information about FIspace development here.

You can find information about each GE alongside with online testing instances in the FIWARE catalogue, please visit other helpful material (tutorials, videos) for GEs are available in FI-LAB here.

Please take into account that you have to fulfill the criteria for Applying 2 and 3, please review the Section 3 “Criteria for Applying” in the Guide for applicants see link. You should make clear how you are going to use a GE (e.g use its API), and explain why you cannot build your application without it (or at least what are the advantages of adding the GE to the mix).

European Commission has provided the following instructions in case of applicants  that want to submit their proposal in different accelerators:

1) Any proposer can submit several different proposals to several different Accelerators.
2) It is acceptable to submit the same proposal to several Accelerators, but not to all 16. Submitting the same proposal to maximum 3 Accelerators is a reasonable limit.
3) Double funding is not acceptable. A proposal can only be selected and supported by one Accelerator. So if you submit in two and you get a positive evaluation from both two, you need to choose!

FIWARE Usage is a necessary condition for all applications to be funded by FRACTALS. FIWARE usage will be evaluated by FRACTALS at two different points in the procedure:

  1. During the evaluation process, FIWARE Usage (Integration with FIWARE Technologies) is among the evaluation criteria with weight of 21%. At this point evaluators are going to consider questions that can be found in this link:
  2. After the evaluation process, all successful proposals will be double-checked by FRACTALS Technical Committee, to ensure that proper usage and integration of FIWARE is foreseen. In this stage FIWARE Usage is an ON/OFF criterion, meaning that proposals that do not make appropriate use of FIWARE Technologies will be excluded from funding, regardless of their score in the evaluation process.

FRACTALS covers applications related to the Agricultural Sector, as described in the table below.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note the following:

  1. The solutions below are indicative aiming to give concrete examples to interested applicants. Any other solution not specifically mentioned in the list below, but contributing to one of the three axes is also eligible.
  2. A broad range of solutions, covering all agrifood domains are eligible, including i.e. land cultivation, animal husbandry, apiculture, fisheries, wine-making etc.




  • Weather forecasting solutions that reduce agricultural risks and improve yield
  • Solutions that support quality control/quality assurance of agricultural products (inc. Dairy products and meat/poultry)
  • Solutions for optimized use of external inputs, such as water, nutrients and pesticides
  • Solutions that exploit Wireless Sensor Networks in agriculture and animal husbandry
  • Solutions that exploit Earth Observation data in agriculture and animal husbandry
  • Agricultural Assets (i.e., fleet of agricultural machinery) Management solution
  • Knowledge Sharing and Management solutions for agriculture
  • Inventory and task planning solutions


  • Traceability solutions in farming and animal husbandry exploiting technologies such as RFID, QR codes, etc.
  • Solutions for the farmers to trace the final price end consumers paid for their products
  • Solutions for end-users to give back feedback to farmers
  • Solutions that promote innovative approaches on market research
  • Novel solutions for marketing of agricultural products
  • Solutions that enhance farmers access to commercial supply chain
  • Solutions that promote alternative supply chains and facilitate farmers to access new markets
  • Solutions that support farmers' access to financial and insurance services
  • Solutions that support novel business models in agricultural sector (i.e. resources sharing, machinery as a service, etc.)
  • Solutions that support farmers in decision making with respect to pricing of products


  • Solutions for provision of public digital services to farmers (including E-Government services), exploiting open Public Sector Information
  • Solutions that enable farmers to engage in crowd sourcing activities for the protection of local ecosystems
  • Solutions that support agricultural property valuation
  • Solutions for Land Management, Planning, Development, and Control

For the concept of Web Entrepreneur, FRACTALS will apply the description suggested by the EC in the context of this Future Internet PPP Call:

“Web Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs of an Internet‐based business. Web entrepreneurs constitute a specific category of entrepreneurs, who create new digital services and products that use the web as an indispensable component of their business”.

Web Entrepreneurs can be participating in groups of up to five individual members. A member is a physical person (individual) and not a legal person (e.g. registered SME). In the case of a group of individuals, one of them will be appointed as leader. The leader individual will be the main contact point for the project and needs to be registered as a sole proprietor in one of the eligible countries.

You will receive the templates for reports and deliverables by email in the following days.

All the deliverables and reports will be reviewed as soon as possible. The exact timing of reviewing and acceptance of deliverables and reports will depend on the nature of the changes that have to be done, if any. After acceptance of the deliverables and reports, the reimbursement will be distributed in accordance with the point 4.2. of your Sub-Grant Agreement.

The deadline for resubmission of adjusted deliverables will depend on the nature of the changes that have to be done. Generally speaking, the deadline will be 7-14 days.

All changes in the team have to be documented by an official email regarding the replacement of the team member including also the CVs of two persons involved (the one that is replaced and his replacement)

No, but you are strongly advised to submit your deliverables before the deadline. This will give you additional time to make changes if any is requested.

Yes, and we strongly encourage it. You will have the information about all the winning projects published on FRACTALS website.

You will have the information about all the winning projects published on FRACTALS website.

Yes, you can ask our team for direct contacts of the companies.

We will not ask you to send us financial statements, timesheets, invoices. However, you are strongly advised to keep tracks of all these documents and company activities in case of audit on national or EU level. The FRACTALS Consortium will not take any responsibility in case of incompleteness of any of these documents.

All the project deliverables has to be sent to the following email:

No, the payment is connected to the submission and acceptance of the interim and final report.

There was a pre-payment option and it was well announced in all previous phases of the project.

You can contact us on or directly Ms Masa Mimica on or

In the following days you will receive various questionnaires. By replying to them you will have the possibility to express your expectations related to various services and also PA4ALL. Our liaison person Mr Borislav Brunet will process collected data and make a contact with all the companies that have intention to validate their applications in PA4ALL.

Of course, you can already contact your local potential end-users.
It’s up to you, the sooner is better. It would be good to have their feedback already from the design phase.
No, Contact Fractals Technical team whatever problem you have and we help you to solve it. Send an email with your problems to
Rendering dimensions should be expressed in custom Wirecloud dimensions: cells.
We recommend start using widgets. In order to use EPM, BPM it´s needed that you already have an application or you have in mind to connect to an existing FIspace application. SDI it is only the entry point to FIspace.
FILAB provides nodes in several regions. Since it is a large infrastructure instability may occur indeed but the FILAB technical team announces any problem in case it exists and tries to solve it. FILAB provides relatively quick support also for any kind of problem it may occur.
FILAB is preferable because it provides an easy way to have GEs running. For example Big Data analysis Cosmos GEi needs to install Apache hadoop and if you don't have previous experience it may take some time or you may make an error. In FILAB you can pick a version of a GE and have it running in seconds. Also in FILAB you can create a VM for your own code running and have an external IP for accessing it. Outside FILABS there is no cloud hosting provided. For commercial web hosting in FILAB you may have to send a question to contact point provided here:

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FRACTALS aims to support the community of innovative ICT SMEs and web-entrepreneurs to develop FIWARE based applications with high market potential, addressing the needs of the agricultural sector. Read more...